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Welcome to The Q’ero Ayni website!
Our mission for the fund is to raise as much money as possible for the people of the Q’ero Nation in Peru.
The aim of the fund is twofold: - to help alleviate material poverty in the Q’ero villages and to also to preserve
the medicine tradition and its integrity for future generations.

Who are the Q’ero?
The Q’ero are a tiny nation of around 600 farmers, weavers and medicine people who live in the High
Andes of Peru. The medicine people are known as the “Keepers of the Ancient Knowledge.” Of all the
indigenous populations of the Andes, they are credited with preserving the spiritual tradition of the Inca
– and those that came before them – in its purest form via their oral tradition.

How can I help?
There are currently two ways of donating, by Paypal and cheque.
Cheques need to be payable to “The Q’ero Ayni Fund” and sent to: The Q’ero Ayni Fund,
PO Box 1067, St Albans, Herts, AL1 9QZ

If you are outside of the UK it does help if the cheques can be payable in Sterling, as this saves on
banking charges meaning more money goes to the Q’ero.

Usage of funds
Initially the proceeds of the fund will be focused on alleviating material poverty – such as providing llamas
and alpacas, (their fleeces can be used for weaving and these weavings can then be sold), providing medical
care to the Q’ero and medicines for their animals, providing warm clothing and footwear, improving living
accommodation and conditions, providing communal buildings, and creating a school and providing teachers for the Q’ero children. (Note: The Q’ero villages are very remote in the mountains of the High Andes, at around 14,000 feet. It takes two days on horseback to reach them, so the doctors, vets and teachers will have to
be sent up the mountain, as there are no facilities in the immediate area).

When the above goal is reached, these services will be maintained and further funding will be used to protect the lineage of the medicine tradition, through encouraging the children of the Q’ero medicine people to learn the medicine ways and making this attractive to them, so that the true teachings are preserved.

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Q’ero Ayni Fund Registered Office: PO Box 1067 St Albans Herts AL1 9QZ
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